List of My Articles in Amateur Radio Magazines

Hideyuki Nebiya has been writing many articles in the following Amateur Radio Magazines.

Ham Life, CQ ham radio (Regular Author), Mobile Ham, Ham Journal, QEX Japan, Eleki Jack, Let's Haming, Monthly 59, Shoho no Radio, Radio no Seisaku, cqDL, Tragi, jr., etc.

Serial Articles in "CQ ham radio" (CQ Publishing)

Hit on a Good Construction by Dr.BQE
No. Title of Article Page
Mar.,2024 50MHz Squalo Antenna p.122--p.127
Jan.,2024 144/430MHz Dualband Antenna p.122--p.127
Enjoy Amateur Radio with Dr. BQE
No. Title of Article Page
Apr., 2022 7MHz Band Pass Filter (Prototype) p.90--p.95
Mar., 2022 7MHz Band Pass Filter (Design) p.92--p.99
Nov., 2021 Enjoy Amateur Radio at Home (Part 2) p.88--p.91
Oct., 2021 Enjoy Amateur Radio at Home (Part 1) p.96--p.99
Accesories for Amateur Radio Station
No. Title of Article Page
Dec., 1990 Speech Processor Amplifier p.402--p.403
Nov., 1990 CW Semi-brake-in Adaptor p.394--p.395
Oct., 1990 50MHz Low Noise Pre Amplifier p.390--p.391
Sep., 1990 144MHz Low Noise Amplifier p.414--p.415
Aug., 1990 21MHz Band Pass Filter p.414--p.415
Jul., 1990 1200MHz Directional Coupler p.402--p.403
Jun., 1990 1200MHz Micro Strip Antenna p.386--p.387
May, 1990 430MHz VSWR Meter p.390--p.391
Apr., 1990 Constant Current Power Supply p.394--p.395
Mar., 1990 Broad Band Pre Amplifier p.398--p.399
Feb., 1990 50Ω RF Attenator p.378--p.379
Jan., 1990 RF T-Filter p.394--p.395
Lecturer Room of Antenna Technology
No. Title of Article Page
Dec., 1980 144MHz 3-element Yagi Antenna p.378--p.379
Nov., 1980 50MHz Ground Plane Antenna p.378--p.379
Oct., 1980 28MHz 2-element Cubical Quad Antenna p.378--p.379
Sep., 1980 Harmonic Antenna p.378--p.379
Aug., 1980 28MHz 3-element Yagi Antenna p.378--p.379
Jul., 1980 Simple Dipole Antenna p.378--p.379
Jun., 1980 5A Special Antenna p.380--p.337
May, 1980 144MHz 3-element Cubical Quad Antenna p.364--p.365
Apr., 1980 Antenna for a Handy-Talky p.364--p.365
Mar., 1980 Broad Band Low Noise Amplifier p.398--p.399
Mar., 1980 14MHz 2-element Yagi Antenna p.364--p.365
Feb., 1980 21MHz Triangle Antenna p.364--p.365
Feb., 1980 ONE IC Low Noise Amplifier p.360--p.361
Jan., 1980 144MHz Ground Plane Antenna p.362--p.363
Dec., 1979 2-element V-Yagi Antenna p.362--p.363
Nov., 1979 Modified ZL Special Antenna p.362--p.363
Oct., 1979 Wire -element Yagi Antenna p.362--p.363

Serial Articles in "Serial Articles in "Electronic-craft Jack" (CQ Publishing)

Science Laboratory
No. Title of Article Page
#19, 2010 No.8 Lead Free (RoHS) Solderling p.118--p.123
#18, 2010 No.7 Setting up a Reflector behind the lights p.105--p.110
#17, 2010 No.6 What is a MOTOR ? p.159--p.164
#16, 2010 No.5 How to make a Strong Magnet p.164--p.169
#15, 2010 No.4 Experiment of lighting by RF Power p.103--p.108
Dr. Nebiya's Supplementary Lecture
No. Title of Article Page
#1, Nov., 2010 New Technology of using AC / DC p.84--p.85

Articles in "QEX Japan" (CQ Publishing)

No. Title of Article Page
#8, Sep. 2013 One Wavelength Loop Antenna and
Spiral Ring Antenna
#3, Jun. 2012 MIC Amateur Radio Forum in Hokkaido p.140

Articles in "Ham Journal" (CQ Publishing)

No. Title of Article Page
#100, 1995 GMSK High Speed Packet Communication p.25--p.31
#98, 1993 Receiving NOAA by JV-FAX p.58--p.75
#80, 1992 21MHz QRP Transceiver p.4--p.9

Article in "Tragi, Jr." (CQ Publishing)

Article in "CQ ham radio" (CQ Publishing)

Articles of Technical Issue
No. Title of Article Page
Aug., 2022 From U.S.A. by JE1HYR p.126
Jan., 2013 50MHz 125Watts Linear Amplifier
Dec., 1999 Experiment of Spiral Ring Antenna #2 p.119--p.126
Sep., 1999 User report on "50MHz LNA SP-6" p.152--p.153
Aug., 1999 Experiment of Spiral Ring Antenna p.136--p.139
Mar., 1999 Spiral Ring Antenna p.131--p.135
Jun., 1998 Local Topics (Overseas) KB8VA p.194
Jun., 1998 Local Topics (Overseas) K4SWJ p.194
Dec., 1996 Tokyo HAM Fair p.286
May, 1996 Korean Report p.325
Sep., 1995 Visual Communications p.174--p.175
Nov., 1994 Overseas Activity p.351--p.352
Aug., 1994 Visual Communications p.180--p.183
Jan., 1994 Weinheim HAM Festival p.377
Jan., 1994 DK2WV Karl p.376
Nov., 1993 Overseas Activity p.377--p.378
Apr., 1993 JANET NEWS p.3100
Oct., 1992 JE1BQE operated from U.S.A. p.370
Sep., 1992 JANET NEWS p.382
Sep., 1992 KANJI Packet Communication Experiment
between JE1BQE and Y46FO
Jun., 1992 JE1BQE operated from Saipan p.412--p.413
May, 1992 KK6RT/KH0 operated from Saipan p.338--p.339
May, 1992 C-MOS Electronic Keyer p.278--p.279
Apr., 1992 JE1BQE operated from Germany p.416--p.417
Nov., 1991 SOS from Indonesia p.411
Oct., 1991 Classical Transceiver p.284--p.285
Jul., 1991 DK2OY Ed p.380
Jul., 1991 AA5FL Bob p.371
Mar., 1991 FE1MUY Matsuoka (JF1MUY) p.382
Mar., 1991 Eyeball QSO at Fuji TV Station p.368
Mar., 1991 Multi Band Vertical Antenna p.244--p.245
Feb., 1991 AA5FL Bob p.420
Jan., 1991 JANET NEWS N6BV Dean p.419
Jan., 1991 DK9QZ Kaeko p.382
Jan., 1991 JI1ZTA Beatles Fan Club p.376
Jan., 1991 HL1BMK Park p.372
Dec., 1990 Eyeball QSO with N6BV Dean in U.S.A. p.362
Oct., 1990 JANET NEWS KD6IH p.411
Oct., 1990 28MHz -> 50MHz Converter p.266--p.267
Sep., 1990 Active Probe p.298--p.300
Jul., 1990 Production Factory of GRE p.346--p.347
Jul., 1990 User report on "Super Curl Wire" p.308--p.309
Jun., 1990 Mail Box attached to Antenna p.397
Jun., 1990 144MHz 25W Linear Amplifier p.290--p.293
Jun., 1990 Dual Band Transceivers p.248--p.251
Mar., 1990 User report on "WT-100" p.308--p.310
Mar., 1990 THREE Linear Amplifiers p.294--p.302
Mar., 1990 7MHz Small Antenna Tuner p.261--p.262
Mar., 1990 Antenna Tuner p.258--p.260
Feb., 1990 CQ Rotary p.382
Feb., 1990 User report on "CA-52HB6" p.309--p.311
Jan., 1990 User report on "Tokyo Hy-Power HX-240" p.310--p.311
Nov., 1989 DF5FF Hellmut p.379
Nov., 1989 144MHz to 50MHz Down Converter p.278--p.282
Oct., 1989 Local Topics p.372
Oct., 1989 DK9UA DD5FR 4X6TT p.369
Oct., 1989 50MHz 50W Linear Amplifier p.269--p.274
Sep., 1989 144MHz/433MHz Duplexer p.270--p.271
Jun., 1989 JE1BQE operated from Germany p.382--p.383
Jun., 1989 Microphone Switch Box for Automotive p.370
Jun., 1989 2.4GHz 6-element Yagi Antenna p.367
Jun., 1989 WA6VEF Gary p.260
May, 1986 JANET NEWS p.328--p.333
Apr., 1986 Mizuho Pico Transceiver (JE1BQE) p.15
Mar., 1986 Mizuho Pico Transceiver (DK9FN) p.15
Feb., 1986 Mizuho Pico Transceiver (DK9FN) p.15
Dec., 1985 JE1BQE operated from Germany p.284--p.285
Aug., 1985 144MHz Down Converter p.328--p.332
Jun., 1985 Simple Low Noise Amplifier p.323--p.324
Apr., 1984 CW Machine for a PC p.332--p.335
Feb., 1984 VSWR Meter for HF p.336--p.338
Feb., 1984 21MHz QRP Transceiver p.300--p.304
Dec., 1983 Simple Frequency Marker p.435
Dec., 1983 21MHz 10W Linear Amplifier p.375--p.376
Jun., 1982 Simple Clock Oscillator p.308--p.309
Jun., 1982 Simple Electronic Keyer p.269--p.270
Apr., 1982 Low Noise Amplifier for HF Band p.382--p.383
Apr., 1982 Microphone for Automotive p.265--p.267
Jan., 1982 144MHz SSB Transceiver p.273--p.277
Jan., 1982 21MHz SSB Transceiver p.257--p.262
May, 1980 Antenna Tuner p.360--p.361
Feb., 1980 Contest Information p.408
Nov., 1976 JE1BQE operated from West Germany p.100--p.86

Articles in "Let's HAMing" (Magazine Land)

No. Title of Article Page
Jun., 1996 144MHz Band Receiver
(Designed by Axel Schwab, DG3IAD)
Jan., 1995 How to design a High IP Receiver p.67--p.71
Oct., 1994 Encyclopaedia of Radio Technology p.75--p.106
Feb., 1994 7MHz CW-QRP Transceiver
(Designed by Siegfried Hari, DK9FN)
Dec., 1993 Weinheim HAM Festival p.34--p.35
Nov., 1993 50MHz 25W Linear Amplifier p.106--p.108

Articles in "Radio no Seisaku" (Dempa Shinbun)

No. Title of Article Page
Feb., 1995 Basic Technology of Satellite Communication p.125--p.129
Jul., 1994 Let's Receive the NOAA Satellite p.157--p.161
Apr., 1986 Antennas of Active HAMs reported by JG1KYL p.160

Articles in "Electronic Kraft Magazine Special" (Dempa Shinbun)

No. Title of Article Page
Oct., 2021 Amateur Radio Operation Manual p.12--p.13

Articles in "Mobile Ham" (RC Technique)

No. Title of Article Page
Oct., 1993 Hello YL Station DL2GRC p.26
Aug., 1993 XX9TFN Sigi (DK9FN) p.130
Apr., 1993 JE1BQE operated from Germany Part 2 p.128--p.130
Mar., 1993 JE1BQE operated from Germany Part 1 p.128--p.129
May, 1992 Saipan DX Vacation p.126--p.127
Nov., 1991 SOS from Indonesia p.138
Sep., 1986 Hello YL Station DB6ZJ p.26
Jan., 1986 Hello YL Station DL1ZBT p.25
Jan., 1986 Hello YL Station JS1HNM p.25
Oct., 1983 Weather Satellite "HIMAWARI" p.75--p.79
Sep., 1979 Timer Outlet p.67--p.69

Articles in "Ham Life" (Dempa Shinbun)

No. Title of Article Page
Feb., 1973 21MHz 5-element Yagi Antenna p.109--p.112
Jul., 1972 50MHz 8-element HB9CV Antenna p.92--p.96
May, 1972 Antenna Inventor JE1BQE p.34
Apr., 1972 50MHz 2-element Cubical Quad Antenna p.125--p.128

Article in "Monthly 59"

No. Title of Article Page
Nov., 1994 JY9FN Sigi (DK9FN) p.12--p.13

Articles in "Beacon" (ICOM)

No. Title of Article Page
#49, 1992 JE1BQE operated from Saipan p.2
#8, 1985 CQ DX de DF5FJ Bernhard p.4--p.5

Articles in "Monthly FB News" (ICOM)

Article in "QST" (ARRL, U.S.A.)

No. Title of Article Page
Oct., 1992 ARRL Contest KH0/JE1BQE p.108

Article in "CQ Amateur Radio" (U.S.A.)

No. Title of Article Page
Jun., 2022 A Different Kind of Wireless : HBC
(Intervier : Martin Butera, PT2ZDX / LU9EFO)

Article in "Magazine de Radio" (Venezuela)

No. Title of Article Page
Jun./ Jul.,
Radioescucha y Radioaficionado Japonés, estudia
e investiga la comunicación a través del cuerpo
(Intervier : Martin Butera, PT2ZDX / LU9EFO)

Article in "Russian HAM Radio" (NAROD, Russia)

No. Title of Article Page
Sep., 2002 Spiral Ring Antenna
(Translated by Yurij L. Pogreban, UA9XEX)
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Article in "Antennentechnik" (Funkamateur, Germany)

No. Title of Article Page
Jun., 2002 Spiralfoermige Ringantenne
(Translated by Dr. Rainer Ludwig, 7J6AAO / DL1DTN)
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Article in "Human Body Communication" (DARU Magazine, Netherlands)

Article in "HBC (IEEE802.15.6)" (Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles)


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