About Dr. NEBIYA Hideyuki

* Birthplace : Taito-ku, Tokyo

* Zodiac Sign : Aries

* Degree : Doctor of Engineering

* Motto : Continuation is Power

* Hobby : Amateur Radio (JE1BQE) [ Website]

[Current Occupation]

* President, AMPLET Communication Laboratory [ Website]

* Special Lecturer, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nihon University [ Website]

* Part-time Lecturer, College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University [ Website]

[Research Themes]

* Human Body Communication (HBC) [ Website]

* RFID [ Website]

[Research Groups]

* Human Body Communication Consortium (HBCC) [ Website]

* Joint Seminar on Human Body Communication between Japan and Korea [ Website]

* Human Resource Development Project with Chungnam National University [ Website]

Inventor of the Spiral Ring Antenna

 I invented the Spiral Ring Antenna, and received Doctorate Degree in Electronics Engineering.

 The Spiral Ring Antenna which is a small antenna having a toroidal coil shape consisting of a fixed length wire is proposed. The antenna has a size of 1/15 ~ 1/5 wavelength, and this antenna has a relatively high gain (+2.0dBi at 1/10 wavelength), and can easily be matched to a coaxial line without Balun.


1986 : Engineer award for the First Prize

(Hitachi Shonan Denshi)

2000 : Encouragement Student Award (Nihon University)

2001 : Excellent Student Award (Nihon University)

2003 : Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY Japan)

2003 : Best Engineer of Ubiquitous Network Technology Award

(EC Kenkyu-kai)

2010 : The 23rd Fukuda Award (Medical Engineering Study Group, Tokyo Denki University)

2010 : Guest Speaker at the 50 years Anniversary Party of Science University of Tokyo

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