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"Human Body Communication (HBC)" is a means of communication between devices via the human body. It will contribute to a reduction in information leakage because the communication is carried out via the human body. In addition, the propagation loss is believed to be smaller than that of wireless spatial propagation.

HBC is a very interesting Short Range Wireless Communication. Please enjoy using this HBC as the New Technology.

Dr. NEBIYA Hideyuki, President

AMPLET Communication Laboratory

Let's Create a New Business of HBC from Japan !

I am supervising the technological book of human body communication since the end of 2010. And this book has been published on June 10th, 2011 as the first technological book of HBC in Japan.

I expect to create a new worldwide business market of this human body communication from Japan.

(1) MoU between the ETRI (Korea) and the AMPLET, Inc. (Japan)

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) of the Republic of Korea and the AMPLET Inc. of the Japan exchanged Memorandum of Understanding in November of 2011, in order to provide a mechanism for scientific and technical cooperation in Human Body Communication (HBC) technology.

The ETRI is Korea's largest government-funded research institute,

(2) MoU between the CNU (Korea) and the AMPLET Coomunication Laboratory (Japan)

The CNU (Chungnam National University) of the Republic of Korea and the AMPLET Coomunication Laboratory of the Japan exchanged Memorandum of Understanding on human resource development consortium in January of 2017. And the CNU concluded an Education Agreement on RFID and HBC design with AMPLET Communication Laboratory in January of 2017, too.

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