Everybody wants to have an Economical RFID Reader "NH Scanner" !

The exciting new concept "NH Scanner" brings you the economical and simple of RFID Reader / Writer, and the convenience of wireless data communication capability in an all-new design !

Our company AMPLET, Inc. (later known as the AMPLET Communication Laboratory) , an engineering services company, has worked with Telemidic to develop a dual-frequency, small-scale, low-power RFID reader "NH Scanner". We told RFID Journal that the readers will cost about 2,000 yen initially, or about US$17.

Blockdiagram of the Economical RFID Reader "NH Scanner"

Number of Devices on Economical RFID Reader "NH Scanner"

You must surprise !

[Transmitter Part]

* Devices on Transmitter are only Two Transistors, Wow !

[Receiver Part]

* Devices on Receiver are only One Transistor and One TTL IC !

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