Hahajima, Ogasawara Islands

Amateur Radio Station JD1BOO

The Ogasawara Islands are located 1,000km south of Tokyo, and are comprised of about 30 islands which are Mukojima Islands, Chichijima Islands, Hahajima Islands, Iwo Islands, Okinotori Island, Minamitorishima and Nishinoshima.

My station JD1BOO (1000W Station) has licensed at Hahajima Islands. I thank OM Mikio (JD1BHA) for his help to establish my station JD1BOO.I am looking forward to meeting you on the air. Thank you and see you on the air.


6m Band is very Mysterious !

I have been enjoying HAM Radio from Overseas. I received JE1BQE/DL licence in West Germany in 1976, but 6m Band could not use 6m Band in Europe in 1970's. I operated HAM Radio from Saipan (KK6RT/KH0, KH0/JE1BQE) in 1992 for 4 days. I could not hear any signals on 6m Band during first 3 days, but 6m Band opened between Japan and Saipan on the 4th day, and I could have QSOs with more than 200 stations. 6m Band was very mysterious.

I am looking forward to having a QSO with you from my other HAM Radio Stations, which are JD1BOO station in Ogasawara Island and HL3ZCG in Daejeon (Korea).

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