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AMPLET Communication Laboratory is a Consulting Company focused on the Wireless Communications. Our Principals and Staff have extensive Design Experience in Cellular Telephone Terminal, Wireless Communication EquipmentID, Short Range Wireless Communication Equipment, Millimeter Wave Radar, and many kinds of Antennas.

AMPLET Communication Laboratory is here to help our Clients take advantage of New Business Opportunities in Wireless Communications.

RF Circuit Design

If you are looking for an RF Engineering company, AMPLET Communication Laboratory is a good choice to Wireless Equipment Design of your Wireless Product Development.

We have a lot of Design Experiences in Cellular Telephone Terminal, RFID, Short Range Wireless Communication Equipment, Millimeter Wave Radar, etc.

We have confidence in the Design of Antennas. We can accept deal from Planning to Mass-production in particular.


An Engineer with a lot of Experience of AMPLET Communication Laboratory will take care of a Seminar Lecturer on Technology of Wireless Communications, Antenna, Digital Signal Processing, Human Body Communication, etc.

Our Engineers, who have the degree of Doctor of Engineering, hold the posts of a Lecturer at a University concurrently. We take charge of a Lecturer of your Staff Education from Basic Theory to Practicing Technology.

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