Dr. Hideyuki Nebiya

Why did I become an Electronics Engineer ?

I was born in Akihabara, where is a very famous electronic town. I have been enjoying to make Radios and Antennas as my Hobby since I was a small child. I got my Amateur Radio Licence in 1971, because I wanted to make a communication with overseas Amateur Radio Stations using my Handmade Transmitter.

After I graduated from the Tokyo University of Science in 1980, I joined Nissan Motor, but I moved to Hitachi Shonan Denshi in 1984, because I wanted to design Wireless Equipment.

In September 9 of 1987, I established Wireless Engineering Company "AMPLET, Inc." at my Hometown Akihabara, because I wanted to design my own developed Radios.

Let's Create a New Business of HBC from Japan !

I am interested in very Short Range and very Low Power Wireless Communication. That is a Human Body Communication (HBC).

I expect to create a new worldwide business market of this human body communication from Japan.

I am supervising the technological book of human body communication since the end of 2010. And this book has been published on June 10th, 2011 as the first technological book of HBC in Japan.

Winning Prizes

* The Best Engineer of the Year 1987 (Hitachi Shonan Denshi)

* The 47th Shunpaku Encouragement Prize of 2000 (Nihon Univ.)

* Entrepreneur of the Year 2003 (EOY Japan)

* A 50th Anniversary at Faculty of Engineering, TUS

* The 23rd Fukuda Award (2010, Tokyo Denki University)

* The Best Engineer in Ubiquitous Network Development of 2003

(EC Kenkyukai)

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